Point of View Analysis

Point of View Analysis

Joe Esposito 11-22-10
History POV Analysis
Doc. 2
~This was written by a female scientist. One thing that seems normal for an educated woman is that she desires for other women to be educated. But, she also feels it may not be a woman’s place to teach. Being a woman with a published work, she notes that other women have had works such as this published, and says that a woman’s mind is just as capable as a mans mind, and that a brain has no gender, reflecting the general attitude of women at the time

Doc. 11
~This document seems a bit odd, seeing that it was written by an obviously educated woman, but says that women should not study (specifically medicine and astronomy.) Contrary to what someone in her position (educated) would say, she states that they should be satisfied with “…the power that their beauty and grace give them…” Perhaps she feels this way because she is educated, and believes that a woman doesn’t need to be educated. Any case, this seems to be an abnormal conclusion for an educated woman to come to.

Doc. 12
~This is an article about Dorothea Schlozer, the first woman to graduate with a Ph.D from a German university. This particular article describes how women loose some their feminine properties (such as nice hair, and a sense of fashion) when they seek an education. But Schlozer has lost none of these qualities, despite her academic exploits. The article speaks of an educated woman, but not just any education; she received a Ph.D from a German university. Despite her gender, and the view of women and education at the time, she was probably a very respected woman, being that not all male scholars had received a Ph.D. This is probably the reason she is talked about so respectfully.

Doc. 1
~This is simply about a woman who is so deep in her work that she has neglected her household duties. It is not known if she has children or not. This man does not express any opinions on this woman’s neglect of...

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