1. Who must take care of our environment?
• We must --- not only government, business houses or any 3rd party but every1 of us

• One planet, one earth, one environment...ruin it = ruin our own life and our future generations

• 3 basic means to take care is reuse, reduce and recycle

• If nt taken care of then tht will lead to poisoning of air(leading to various types of diseases), water(again leading to various diseases, chemically cleaned water wud b very expensive coz od tht), soil(will affect d crops and hence worse harvest leading to hunger) etc

• It’s a social responsibility of each n every human being for a better future.

2. Has Globalization really worked?

• No doubt globalization has worked for the whole world and we too have been benefited by it. Globalization has opened new avenues for the common people. I agree to what somebody said that it has opened world market for our farmers and its because of globalization that we today have 20 shirts instead 3. But as the saying goes that there are no roses without thorns. What we saw in recent times was how an american bank files for its bankruptcy and it starts a chain reaction which rapidly engulfs the whole world and disturbs the harmony between the global economies. We witnessed suicides and people coming to rags from riches.

40. Dependence on computers a blessing or bane
41. Can I succeed without an MBA
42. Voters and not politicians responsible for criminalization of politics
43. Business ethics A necessity or luxury
44. What is the job of the Manager?
45. Is democracy working for India
46. Performance appraisal- A Useful tool for growth
47. Corruption an outcome of Democracy
48. Agricultural subsidies: A Boon or a Bane
49. Does the media need censorship
50. Reforms in education a necessity

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