Pokemon 1

Pokemon 1

After years of guesting and trying to decide on what path I will take. Time passed and children have grown and gone. I began to realize I was alway on that path I needed to take. Life is short and I can spend it to ways happy or unhappy, but know matter which path I take I would continue to grow old and making no decision is infact making a decision.

The path I decided to take is the path to be happy each and every moment of everyday. There are no answers for some questions and there are no fixing something, so I learn to except things as they are and change those things that can be changed. Sometime I see things don't need changing they may need adding to or left alone.

My happy path is that which no matter what I'm older than I was and that path I can not change. I accept that will stay the way it is. In growing older I realize that a change take place with me each day. The other change is that I'm wiser. Becoming wiser is a good thing, but the other change is I'm weaker. It's like no matter what choses you make there is a path already chosen for me.

I guest I began to realize that the path was already laid as I got older and became wiser. There should be a question answered before you get to old and wisdom answers it for you. When the years have set in on all the parts of your body, you look in the mirror and the youthful look is gone and all you have are the memories and the choses you made and the path you taken after making those choses.

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