Pol Pot

Pol Pot

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Saloth Sar also known as Pol Pot was born in Prek Sbauv in kampong thon province in 1925 to a moderately wealthy family of Chinese - Khmer descent. In 1935, he left Prek Sbauv to attend the catholic school in Phnom Pehh, as his sister was a concubine of the king; he often visited the royal palace. In 1947 he gained admission to the lycee sisowath but was unsuccessful in his studies. His future wife, khien ponnary, her sister leng thirith and her future husband also attended the lycee. In 1963 he was elected to lead the political group called the Khmer Rouge because of the suspicious disappearance of the previous leader. This is when he began his path to rebellion.

Some of the values that pol pot tried to emphasise were very negative values like: everything you own is now mine, kill everyone just as long as I am alive. The way he would emphasise these values is absolutely terrible he would sit there arguing with other countries and when they would try to attack him he just sat there and watched all of the people trying to defend die. So then Pol Pot would go and argue some more and get more of his people dead until he has killed 25 percent of his country’s population from either fighting to defend him or slavering for him until you die of starvation, overwork or if you weren’t doing a good enough job you were to be executed.

Pol pot made a lot of negative contributions to Cambodia; when he was elected the leader of the very powerful political group know as the Khmer Rouge. One very bad contribution to the country of Cambodia was when the Khmer Rouge attempted to form a communist of peasant farming society this resulted in the deaths of 25 percent of the country’s population from starvation, overwork and executions.

I consider this person significant because he went from being born in a small farming family to being the leader of a political group called the Khmer Rouge. Unfortunately he also is significant because he wiped out 25 percent of...

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