Pol Science

Pol Science

1932, A true history of the United States

The history of the United States stating that all the past presidents have worked for many years to make all the people in the United

States equal and kept stressing the Declaration of Independance to as well relate to the slaves. The presidents in the 1800's foguht for many

years for this and finally had the war that was anticipated for many years but the North won, and there was, for the first time in America,

equality for all men. After all that was solved there is descriptions between all the foreign powers how the WW1 occurs and the treaty signings

between countries. After treaty signings the countries start to go behind each others back and signing other treaties to go completely against

what was signed years prior. Japan had other countries sign so they wouldn't invade if they invaded Russia, but then those countries went ahead

and signed with the Allies to go against that. That is proof that you can never trust anything. All of this was for economic power, and it is

said that this war couuld have been avoided, but none of the appropriate measures were taken to avoid. Then the U.S got pulled into this war

strictly because of the background of the leaders of America at that time. They were more inclined towards violence, and also they just wanted

again economic power post war. After these wars you can noticabely see all the organizations that benefit from that war, and all are british

orientated buisnesses.

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