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P1. Describe own adherence to codes of practice for each placement setting.

Policy 1- Suitable persons
• Children are looked after by suitable and qualified staff who have a positive regard for children and who have satisfied the recruitment criteria

Policy 2- Physical environment, premises and equipment
• The physical environment is welcoming and the premises are suitable for the service provided. The premises are safe, secure, and accessible. The furnishings and equipment are suited to the needs of the children and are kept in a good state of cleanliness and repair

Policy 3- Management and organisation
• The facility is managed by a qualified person who has the skills, knowledge and experience required to achieve the aims and objectives of the service. The service has a written manual of policies and procedures, which is accessible to users

Policy 4- Health and safety of children
• The good health and safety of children is promoted at all times. Good standards of hygiene are practised and encouraged and positive steps are taken to prevent and control the spread of infection. Strict attention is paid to all aspects of the environment to ensure that equipment together with the indoor and outdoor areas are in conformity with good standards of safety and hygiene.

Policy 5- Care, learning and play
• Qualified caregivers talk, listen to and otherwise interact with children and cater for their physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs. Activities and opportunities for play are organised so as to meet the full range of children’s developmental needs

Policy 6- Working in partnership with parents
• Carers welcome parents and work in close collaboration with them to promote the welfare and development of the children. Carers encourage the involvement of parents to improve the quality of the service provided

Policy 7- Behaviour management
• The service has a clear code of behaviour management that is...

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