Policy Assignment

Policy Assignment

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Policy Analysis

Choose an issue related to the management of a natural resource. Provide a brief explanation of the problem (1 page), and provide an analysis of two different policy positions (not necessarily opposing) that take into account the social, political, and/or economic dimensions of the problem. Use your own words to explain the problem and important considerations related to the policy analysis. Do not rely on quotes, statistics, or anonymously-written websites like Wikipedia.

If helpful, you can imagine that I am in the legislature and you are writing this paper to advise me about one particular problem. The first page will provide me with the necessary background and context, and the rest of the paper (4-5 more pages) will analyze two possible solutions to the problem. Examples of details that you may want to include in your policy analyses are:

• winners, losers, necessary aspects for success, possible unintended consequences, economic analysis, political analysis, social analysis….
• is there a similar program elsewhere? How does this instance compare?
• what legal restrictions or opportunities might exist?

The goal is for me (the legislator) to be able to read your paper, evaluate the two policies, and have no surprises if I chose to implement your policies.

Deadlines: All assignments are due in class, as described below.
Wednesday/Thursday, 30/31 January: detailed research question
Monday/Tuesday, 11/12 February: annotated bibliography
Wednesday/Thurs, 26/27 March: draft
Monday/Tuesday, 14/15 April: final

Length (not including bibliography):
5-6 pages, double-spaced, 12-pt font, 2 cm margins (typically 1000-1500 words)

Office Hours:
You are required to discuss your topic with me at least once during my office hours. It will greatly benefit your research if you see me more than once, and if the first time you come is before you submit your topic. My office hours are Monday &...

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