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The head of the IT department, Mr. Anwar Zaidi, reports to the Head of Services, Mr. Ahmad Kamran. The other two departments reporting to the division head are General Services and General Operations. The Information Technology department consists of 6 sub-departments, namely security, core Technology, Networks and Communications, Systems and Applications, IT Operations and Project Management.

Mr. Atiq was of the view that, since the whole banking operations and transactions are done essentially through IT systems the security is the most essential part, protecting data and important information from external threats and internal problems. With the introduction of net banking, though only in its initial stage (soft launch), the facility requires a great deal of security and protected access to company accounts.

The IT dept on the whole works on 5 year strategic plan; the making of this plan involves the divisional head, the IT head, and other top management in the organization. Budgeting for the department involves the IT head, which is based on the current operations, on-going projects and the proposed projects, which is then forwarded for approval to the divisional head.

Technology changes rapidly, at an average it takes 3 years for a technology to be obsolete, so the IT dept has to keep altering its strategic plan in line with that of the IT industry and not really the business market. Mr. Atiq, asserts that this continuous change in the industry requires larger budgets and investments, which creates a conflict between the objectives of the IT and that of the business. This conflict restricts the need of heavy investments in IT. However, this issue is resolved through a consultative process and the goals of the IT are kept in line with the direction of the business and its growth.

The major goals of the IT department for the year 2009, include introduction of full fledge internet banking, move towards mobile banking and increasing the pace of...

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