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Unit 4:
Polarity & power
IGOs - UN, ICC, IMF, World Bank, WTO, NATO, CSCE incl. International law

Unit 5:
Conflict and international response – why do they generate differing responses?
Intervention (incl. response of IGOs)
Recent international summits

Unit 6:
Britain’s place in the world – its membership of IGOs and their role in shaping economic, defence and foreign policy in the UK. How is UK’s involvement discussed and decided? Party and pressure group positions on issues (national sov. and world role, national security and national interest)

What is the world order?
← The rules and regulations that apply to relationships between states at any given time in history.
← It could refer to the balance of power or the relationship between nation states and IGOs/NGOs.
← Between 1945 & 1989 this was defined by the Cold War – an ideological conflict between Communism & Capitalism. Another feature of this period was the setting up of the UN as a forum to prevent conflict and set out its own rules and regulations about relationships between states.

Demographics of Israel/Palestine
|Population |7 million |UN say 3.6 million Palestinian refugees but|
| | |this has been contested. Many dispersed to |
| | |surrounding countries. |
|Politics |democratic states |want a viable sovereign state |
|Economics |GDP $100 bn, approaching EU levels e.g. |$4bn GDP, Israel agreed to give Palestine |
| |Portugal |some import duties |
|Army |120,000 soldiers,...

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