Poll Finds Unease in New York Over Racial Divide after Garner Case

Poll Finds Unease in New York Over Racial Divide after Garner Case


Poll Finds Unease in New York Over Racial Divide after Garner Case
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Current Problem

The Garner case depicts an unfortunate event which has raised eyebrows among people of African American origin. This is because there was loss of life and sadly the law enforcers were acquitted. It is reported that the law enforces used extreme and illegal measures to constrain a citizen who resisted arrest and was unarmed. Questions and doubts have been raised over matters regarding the case in the event that the police officer was black and the victim white. This spurs debates bordering on racial insensitivity and inequality to the African American community. The origins of such events are tied to socio-economic differences. The Garner incident indicates failed efforts to ensure equality among all people irrespective of race, color or social status. Remediation of such incidents must be of utmost importance in a bid to ensure that the racial divide is addressed.

The African American community has long been fighting racism which is traced to many years back. This racism has trickled down to misconceptions on crime especially on the people of color. The evidence of white supremacy seems to be watering down the efforts of bridging the racial gap. The lethal police brutality against this community and failure to continually apprehend white law enforces sparks feelings of injustice and lack of fairness in the law and enforcement systems. There has been widespread discrimination in the application of law even in cases where excessive force was applied on the victims. Following the events of the Garner case, it is evident that racism is clearly not over and thus this serves as a wakeup call to governing authorities, law enforcers and citizens at large.
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