Geography Homework
Though my mind shrinks with remembering I will begin. It started on the 24th of august 79 AD; I was staying at my uncle Pliny’s in Misenum across the bay of Naples from the towns at the base of mount Vesuvius.

At around 1:30 my mother calls my uncle and I to bring attention to a massive ash cloud rocketing upwards as far as the eye can see, my uncle said it looked like a pine tree and it was coming from the top of mount Vesuvius.

At 2:30 it seemed that the ash has started to fall and is descending on towns like Pompeii and is engulfing them as for what I can see many are fleeing via foot but cannot leave by boat because of the wind this also the reason why the ash doesn’t just blow away but lingers over the bay of Naples. A messenger has arrived from Herculaneum from one of my Uncles friends asking for help and to be rescued. My Uncle readied some boats to undergo his mission I was invited but chose not to go because I would rather study and relax than go. As my Uncle neared shore pumice started falling from the sky rock waste from the mountain blocking some of the shore my Uncle considered turning round but then the Helmsman said ‘fortune favors the brave’ urging him on and so he continued, leaving the people on the shores of Herculaneum stranded when he went to Stabaei instead.

At 7:00 pm Pompeii’s streets are almost deserted and it looked like there had been many casualty and lots of property destroyed. Vesuvius just doesn’t want to stop; the mountain was spilling what seemed like thousands of tones of Ash out every minute.

At 10:00 pm I was out on the balcony when all of a sudden I felt a big tremor, that’s when I spotted a massive wave of rock and fire hurtle down the mountain at ridiculous speeds where it met Herculaneum it almost instantly engulfed Herculaneum and its survivors I was sad for the huge loss but also scared for my Uncle wondering where he is.

The Mountain keeps on erupting and spilling out gas until...

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