Pork Adobo

Pork Adobo

Pork Adobo
3 pounds fresh pork butt, medium cubed
1 Tb. ground black pepper
2 tsp. garlic salt
1 cup soy sauce
One half cup water (1/2 cup)
One half cup fresh minced garlic (1/2 cup)
One half cup vinegar (sugar cane or cider vinegar if available) (1/2 cup)
5 bay leaves

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Using a half sheet pan or baking pan. Season pork with pepper and garlic salt and evenly spread out in a pan. Brown it in the oven for about 20 minutes. Transfer browned pork in a medium pot and add the soy sauce, water, garlic, vinegar, and bay leaves. Cover and simmer for about half and hour or until tender. 

If there is a lot of liquid in the pan, uncover and simmer a little bit more to reduce the liquid. Best served very hot or even reheated the next day.

1 Tb. garlic,
2 Tb. salad oil

One half cup round onions, sliced thin (1/2 cup)

2 celery sticks, sliced thin on the diagonal

1 cup carrots, sliced thin (like match sticks)

1 pound chicken thigh, sliced into strips
One and one half pound jumbo shrimp, shelled and split in half, 
lengthwise (1 ½ lbs.)

2 tsp. ground white pepper
1 cup string beans (sliced into strips)

1 cup cabbage (shredded)

2 Tb. green onions, chopped

One half pack rice noodle sticks (soaked in water 20 minutes before cooking/drained) (1/2 pack)
1 packet dried/cooked egg noodles

One half packet of achuete spice (found in Asian markets) (1/2 packet)

One half cup soy sauce (1/2 cup)

3 cups chicken stock or broth
Salt to taste

6 pieces kalamansi, halved for garnish (optional)

5 boiled eggs, cut in quarters for garnish (optional)

1 Tb. green onions, chopped fine for garnish (optional)

In a medium wok or pot, lightly brown garlic with the oil.
Add onions, celery, sting beans, and cabbage until soft.

Add chicken strips until all sides begin to lightly brown. Add shrimp, white pepper, green onions, carrots, achuete spice, and soy sauce making sure it is evenly distributed.
Add egg noodles and...

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