Port Security Issues

Port Security Issues

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Port Security 1

Port Security Issues and Vulnerabilities

Marc A. Kovacs

Excelsior College

March 2007; CJ 354

Port Security 2


In the current world and with the threat of terrorism looming over the country as a daily thought we must look at our vulnerabilities as a nation and address some of the issues. As we look at our vulnerabilities as a nation in a realistic approach to the managing of our country’s security we realize that we have some shortfalls in protecting our citizens and our infrastructure. As is the case with most problems in the United States, we tend to look at only the most recognized issue and push the other issues to the back. For example, after 9/11 we addressed airline security and spent a much smaller amount of time and money on Port Security. While it is true that airlines move thousands of passengers each day and the loss of an Airliner is an awful event, we still have failed to recognize that our ports pose a threat of a magnitude that could endanger the entire nation. Funding issues plague the Port Security issues as we see billions of dollars poured into Airline Security. The difference in funding is so great it boggles the mind. In 2005 $18 Billion were spent on Airport Security issues and a mere $630 million were allocated for Port Security issues. The lack of funding affects everything from equipment to management and oversight of programs.
The biggest questions are what are our threats; how do we manage the security issues presented to us and how do we enhance our capabilities with a limited budget?

Port Security 3
United States port facilities account for more than 2 billion tons of exported and imported goods for commerce (2001 statistics). To get an idea of how widespread our port facilities system is, there are over 360 commercial sea and river ports spaced out along rivers and coastal...

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