Porter's Five Forces Analysis

Porter's Five Forces Analysis

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Franklin Templeton Porter Analysis

Franklin Templeton Core Competency
Franklin Templeton, a leading public company in the Financial Service Industry, was founded in New York in 1947 and is headquartered in San Mateo CA. Their products and services are Mutual Funds and Retirement Planning. Company motto is “Gain from our perspective”. The company specializes in conservatively managed mutual funds and offers products under the following brand names Franklin, Templeton, Mutual Series and Fiduciary. Traditionally they are best known for bond funds under the “Franklin” brand, international funds under the “Templeton” brand, and value funds under the “Mutual Series” brand (Franklin Templeton Investments, 2008).
Franklin Templeton’s primary business activity and operating segment is investment management and related services. To be more detailed, they provide investment management, fund administration, shareholder services, transfer agency, underwriting, distribution, custodial, trustee and other fiduciary services to retail mutual funds, and to institutional, high net-worth, and separately-managed accounts and other investment products. Collectively these are called “sponsored investment products”(Franklin Templeton Investments, 2008).
Franklin Templeton has an estimated total worldwide asset of over $600 billion as of 2007 and this places them 445th place in the Fortune 500 and 7th place among securities companies. Franklin Templeton’s broad range of investment products is tailored to meet the specific investment needs of both individuals and institutions (Franklin Templeton Investments, 2008).

Franklin Templeton Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces are as follows:
1. Intensity of rivalry amongst existing competitors; Rivals are competitors within an industry. Rivalry in the industry can be weak, with few competitors that don’t compete very aggressively. Or it can be intense, with many competitors fighting in a cutthroat environment....

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