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Porters Five Force


On September 28, 2013, Kidz & More Daycare proposed a request to Arkansas Economic Development Commission for a grant to integrate a preschool within the existing facility.

Currently, Kidz & More Daycare is a well-established childcare center that provides quality care to approximately 100 children on a daily basis. Kidz & More Daycare provides the important elements essential to the well-being of children which include; care, attention, safety, respect of the children’s individual needs, positive discipline, social skills and acceptance of differences in culture backgrounds and customs. Even though Kidz & More Daycare provides so many elements they are proposing to integrate a well-structured pre-school within the daycare for ages three to five years old. This program would enable them to better educate the children with valuable skills before kindergarten. On the basis of an increase in requests from parents that a preschool program is offered in the facility, we believe the knowledge and skills the children would gain from this program would benefit them later in life.

The staff at Kidz & More Daycare has researched the following pros of having a preschool within a daycare which include:

1. Practice with social skills.
2. Introduction to the basics.
3. They learn about the wider world.
4. A chance to create.
5. Lots of fun.
6. The child will receive expert direction.

Kidz & More Daycare staff understands that a daycare and a preschool can be quite similar since both require the same licensing and accreditation requirement, can cost the same, and can be evaluated using the same criteria. But the biggest difference is how early they accept children. A daycare usually will accept children ages six weeks to five years old and even elementary school children after school, while a preschool is designed for ages two and a half to five or six. With this in mind, Kidz & More Daycare will continue to offer care for ages six...

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