portfolio management

portfolio management


1. This is a group assignment. Each group will consist of three students and each group will submit one joint report.

2. In doing this assignment, you are encouraged to refer to the texts, the reading material in Blackboard and any other material that may assist you in understanding what you are doing in this assignment. Group members are expected to actively discuss and work among themselves but not refer to the work of any other groups. Any collusion of this form will be treated seriously and penalised.

3. Please ensure that each member in a group makes an equal contribution to the assignment, as far as possible. Free riders should be reported to me and may be penalised.

4. You are expected to make this assignment an opportunity to develop you spreadsheet computational skills. Make use of Excel or any other computer spreadsheet of your choice to do your calculations and graphs.

5. Assignments must be typed and neatly presented in a professional report format. The results or summaries of your calculation and your comments must be shown in the body of the report. Make sure the formulas or methods used for your computations are clearly shown. The data collected and details of calculations can be shown as appendices to the report. Make your report look professional and reader friendly. The length of the report should not exceed 10 pages (Excluding the appendix). Use 12 point font size and standard margins.

6. Ensure that you give adequate cross references to the sources from which you have gathered data or information in compiling your report.

7. The criteria used in assessing your marks on this assignment will include:

Computational accuracy,
Relevance and accuracy of the interpretation of results,
Demonstration of your understanding of the underlying theory,
Neatness and style of presentation.

8. Late assignments will attract a penalty of 10% per day....

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