Positioning Strategy of Amazon.Com & Louis Cpoeland

Positioning Strategy of Amazon.Com & Louis Cpoeland

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Services Marketing

Positioning Strategy of:

Louis Copeland

Section Page

Executive Summery 3
Introduction 4
Amazon.com † Reis and Trout 6
Louis Copeland & Sons - Lovelock 9
Conclusion 12

Appendix 1 13

Bibliography 14

Sun Tzu states in The Art of War
“What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease”

In this report we will look at the battle being fought by two companies in two diverse sectors of the service industry to maintain their position that they hold in the minds of actual or potential customers in their chosen markets. How they have risen above and beyond in both their own and their customer’s expectations and having reached the No.1 position are now continuing to develop their marketing and communications mix to maintain the competitive advantage they have gained.

We will look at Amazon.com (No.1 in books, music and videos on the web today) in relation to the theory of Ries and Trout (Service is a given, you cannot change or vary it). That it is the place in the consumer’s minds and the perceptions that they have about your company, your image and the service they provide and where they position you.

We will also look at award winning Irish company, Louis Copeland & Sons in relation to Lovelocks theory (Service is much more than standard, it is an experience broadened out by the extras that are given and where price is not an issue) and that all elements of the extended marketing mix are linked, so that if one is failing all are failing.

What is positioning?

The Oxford English Dictionary explains Position as
1. a place where something is situated,
2. a way in which someone or something is placed or arranged
3. a situation or set of circumstances
4. a job
5. a persons place or importance in relation to others
6. a point of view.
verb put or arrange in a...

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