Positive Direction

Positive Direction

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Positive Direction: Dealing With Workplace Issues

In This Guide

• Management Responsibilities and Employee Expectations of Management
• Positive Direction: Dealing With Workplace Issues
• Positive Direction Process
• Positive Direction Procedure Matrix
• Work Violations and Suggested Responses
• Staff Conflict Resolution Program
• Resources
• Sample Memorandums

|Management Responsibilities and |
|Employee Expectations of Management |
|University administration is committed to the concept of teamwork - valuing employees' contributions to the mission of the University. In order to |
|reach its goals, management must fulfill its responsibilities and employees must function as members of the team. |
|Management Responsibilities |◄► |Employee Expectations |
|University administration has the right to establish organizational |  |Employees of the University have the following reasonable |
|goals and objectives and to organize resources to achieve desired | |expectations of management: |
|results. These responsibilities of management include, but are not | |A clear understanding of the individual job description, |
|limited to, the right to: | |standards, expectations, and work rules. |
| | |Annual performance appraisal based upon job-related criteria. |
|Hire, promote, transfer, evaluate and...

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