Positive Impacts of Organ Transplantation

Positive Impacts of Organ Transplantation

Science of Organ Transplant: The Impact and the controversies surrounding it

Dr. Alyson King

Name: Saad Tariq
Student #: 100286988
Course code: EDUC 1470
Due date: Monday, March 03, 2008

Not too long ago, a damaged and deteriorating organ like a kidney closed the door of hope for the effected since the cure wasn’t available. However, this has changed with the passage of time and advent of medical science. One of the most spectacular medical advances of the twentieth century has been the rapid development in the science of “organ transplantation”. It is no surprise that regarding this topic, a famous expert in the field Ronald Munson has titled his book as “Raising the Dead”. So deep and powerful is the impact of this science that it has saved many individual lives and it would not be wrong to say that it has taken them away from the brink of death by giving them a new life. This includes not just the individual persons whose lives have been affected by organ transplants but also the other members of the individual’s family. Unfortunately however, the success of the advances in organ transplantation has also resulted in the under-ground organ market and unfair systems which have resulted in various organ allocation issues along with many illegal/unethical practices taking place all over the globe. This essay is an effort to do justice to the astounding impact of organ transplantation on society by detailing its use and benefits. In contrast to the advantages, the negative effects in our societies that have resulted due to evil practices and the ill use of this science by some specific sectors of our society are also a topic of discussion in this essay.

As far as the historical context of this science is concerned, experiments began in 1900 starting with animals as the subjects. After a series of experiments, it became an element of clinical...

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