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To possess or to be possessed - my review of "My Wood"

As a quote from Existentialism says that ‘To possess is to be possessed’。It means that the more thing you own the more you distracted.you may hardly focus on thinking the meaning of life so that you will be possessed by your possession eventually. Here is an example ,when we own a car, we always worry about oil price, car insurance cleaning work thieves problem and so on.we must spend a lot of time in taking care of it .we are totally effected by the car.that;s why some people advocate simple life.

it doesn;t means that people should own nothing,but learn to give up something modestly.learning to give up is a lifestyle which makes you enjoy your journey.learning to give up is a way to slow time down and think of the future.learning to give up is like a mirror which helps you to find your “beginner;s mind”Yesterday , i saw chenkun’s presentation on tv.he devoted to doing a public activity called “the power of walking”.he spent 11days walking in Tibet with ten college students.chenkun advocates that people should have enough time to perceive themselves by instinct of walking. This concept is similar to the quote”to possess is to be possessed”.both of them tell us to pursue the pureness.

If a cup filled with milk ,people may say “it;s milk”.if a cup filled with water, people may say”it;s water”.only a cup filled with nothing will people say”it;s a cup” .as for human beings,people who are possessed by fortune, reputation and desire will miss themselves completely. So.just forget those involute things and listen to your heartbeat peacefully.

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