Potential Causes of Conflicts in Between Team Members

Potential Causes of Conflicts in Between Team Members

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Conflict Management
What are potential conflicts that might arise among or between team members during this course?

• Disagreements over the proper venue to take for project, ie the starting point
• Lack of contribution and participation from individual team members.

How will team members deal with these and other conflicts?

In the event that there is not 100% agreement over the proper venue to take for a projec twithin 36 hours of assignment being assigned, a vote will be taken by the team members. A three member team will require 2/3 approval, four member or greater will require ¾ approval. Members have 36 hours to vote via the OLS team forum, otherwise their vote is forfeited. If a vote cannot get the minimum approval, members agree to go through mediation with the class instructor as the mediator. Decisions reached will be final.

Any issues with contribution and participation from a team member will be dealt with in-house at first via the OLS and e-mail. If the the team member does not respond within 24 hours, a vote will be taken to determine if the emeber should be allowed to continue in the learning team. If a majority rules in favor of the team member they will be given an additional 24 hours to contribute. If member does not respond a vote will be taken to see if faculty needs to be notified of the member’s lack of contribution and participation in a project. A majority ruling, greater than 50%, is needed to notify faculty for arbitration. The team will abide with the faculty’s opinion on how to deal with the said team member. If a majority ruling cannot be made, any needed contribution not done by the team member will be done by other team members.

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