Potential Customers

Potential Customers

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Chapter 1
Nowadays, the world is in the process of globalization and regionalization, and the globalization processes bring opportunities for all countries to grow economy and society. Therefore, the economy is developing rapidly, and the competition in the trade market is more and more intense, so it has been given many challenges to all businesses. Besides, with variety of goods, customers increasingly have more choices for the same goods or services. Reality has improved that if the business has effective strategies and investment plans to improve customers’ value, it will often gain significant market share in the trade market. Therefore, to achieve this requirement, the companies should plan a strong strategy to attract and keep their customers.

In the past, the customers was not confused when they bought products because the products were very simple and few in quantities. However, nowadays goods are very extremely varied, so customers will buy products of the company which they are interested in. That means the company have to point out effective strategies so as to advertise their products known widely as well as find more new potential customers. Thus, all businesses always compete together, and it leads to the continual growth of the economy.

In this research, the author will suggest some methods to find potential customers for the business, particularly in the Big C Supermarket. The customers are absolutely foundation to the success of the business, and potential customers’ role is very important. Therefore, finding potential customers is one of the main marketing strategies in business. Besides, the purpose of this study is also to gives some ways to attract, maintain and develop the quantity of potential customers so as to make the business rich more.

This research paper will emphasize the...

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