Mission Statement and Action Plan

Around the world there are millions of people suffering from poverty, and beyond that many of them are children. What's poverty you might ask? Poverty's more than not having enough money to support basic needs including food, water and shelter. Poverty takes away someone's pride, dignity and honor. For many people this outraging problem is out of their reach to fix. That's why we're here. At Cherish our goal is to help rid poverty one step at a time. Our NGO will help relieve children who live in poverty ridden countries by teaching them how to help themselves and providing tools needed to get them started on the right foot. Children are suffering day in and day out and we can help stop it.

1 in 5 children lack safe drinking water. More than 100 million children under age 5 are undernourished and underweight which contributes to 45% of all infant deaths. 2 out of 5 children in Sub-Saharan Africa will not finish primary school but educated mothers tend to send their children to school which helps break the cycle of poverty. These facts need to change and we're going to help change them. We'll be addressing this problem by going in full on with volunteers. We'll be using everyone's support and donations and money from fundraiser and sponsors to help support education, hunger, shelter, and better water. Our focus is on Africa and of course we can't rid all of Africa of poverty we will have projects aimed in certain areas and one project at a time we will relieve poverty.


On behalf of Cherish, we're reaching out to your organization to combine connections and support systems in order to help alleviate poverty in Africa. We've come to know about you through your website and have heard that your accountability is top notch. As an NGO that is just starting out we could definitely use some assistance. Although your target is world wide and our is mainly directed at Africa, our end point is the same,...

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