Power Point Presentation and Executive Summary

Power Point Presentation and Executive Summary

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Power Point Presentation and Executive Summary

You are formed into learning teams the first night of class. Your group will pick one of the problems for team analysis and then analyze the problem using your statistical and qualitative skills learned in this class. The group will be expected to give a brief presentation using Power Point where you present your case as if you were in the workplace, approximately 5-8 minutes and write a two page executive summary on your analysis. Each team member must actively contribute to the finished summary and presentation. Team members who do not contribute equally to the finished product may have their total points earned on an individual basis reduced to reflect their lack of work.

Executive Summary
• Single spaced
• Font size 12
• Title: Executive Summary
• First paragraph: Clear problem statement
• Second paragraph: Explain your hypothesis process
• Third paragraph: Your results
• Fourth Paragraph: Graphs
• Fifth Paragraph: Your conclusion/recommendations
• Secondary research article can be used anywhere in the summary.

• Each team member contributes to the analysis
• Dress and tone is professional for the presentation
• Create a 3 slides to a page handout of presentation to be given to the instructor the night of the presentation and the team can use one to help stay on track. You can have more than the minimum slides as described below.

Actual Slides:
Opening Slide: Team Members ( only place team members name who actually have been involved in the work

Problem Definition Slide: You need to describe the “problem” not the symptoms. How you phrase the problem is directly related to how you analyze the situation

Overview of Hypothesis Testing Slides: Tell us about the process, list and explain the four steps

Actual Test Slide: State your HO and H1, decision rule in P values, Test Statistic and Decision

Graphical Analysis Slide: Use a graph you create to...

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