Power Point

Power Point

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E commerce has changed the way people buy things this modern day thanks to the help of computers and technology, now not everybody buys things right from the shop because e commerce have provided us with another alternative which is buying online.

But buying online have social implications such as value, shops selling their products online have the tendency to sell or offer more goods to people for lower prices because people tend to buy from where things will be cheaper so they search until they find the site that will be suitable to them so that’s why many websites compete in selling their goods for lower value.

Ecommerce also have another social implication which are services because they tend to deliver your goods to your doorstep and this eases time and energy and now many people can use computers which means that they can use ecommerce to their own good benefit and they will help them to know what sites are protected and those that are not.

High street has changed because of ecommerce and this have resulted to changes on how they sell their good, some high street shops have websites where buyers can buy the same goods they have in shop but the difference will be that they will have it delivered to their homes this is called bricks and clicks, this means that not everyone buys things from high shops anymore.

Jobs have changed this 21 century because people tend to work from home now because of ecommerce and some companies have set up a device to allow the employees top access the company documents from home this is due to ecommerce.
And as we all know shopping habits have changed a lot people now buy clothes, food, and basically everything online because they will have the time to buy or order any good even if is at night and this have helped in giving possibility to people that take time shopping in the shop which is that they can shop...

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