Powerful Will Gone with the Wind

Powerful Will Gone with the Wind

Powerful Will

In the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Scarlett O'Hara was nurtured by her ardent Irish father and compassionate, sturdy, firm mother in the colossal plantation of Tara in Georgia. The lass grew from a spoiled adolescent, to a flourishing business woman, who did not hold any concern of the animadversion of the others. Ellen O'Hara raised her offspring to be a lady and to triumph in claiming hearts of every gentleman, moreover she possessed a trait from her father, a strong will of attaining everything she desired, which aided her survival in the malicious war, and blemished her to lose the love of her life.

The protagonist of Gone with the Wind, Scarlett with her dark locks, dazzling emerald eyes conquered the hearts of many men, her irresistible charm, lured away beaux not only from other ladies, but from her younger sister, too. Scarlett was loathed by women's envy, but Scarlett witnessed them as foes, too. When the oldest daughter of O'Hara's sussed out about Ashley's engagement with Melanie, she realized that her heart cared for him, and yet she admitted her feelings for Ashley, he married Melanie. Nevertheless Scarlett didn't give up, she always tried to find a way, for Ashley to be hers, and however it was too late when she realized that her love for Ashley was sham.

Scarlett exhibits more of her father's hard-headedness than her mother's refined Southern manners. Although primarily she tries to behave charmingly, her senses mount against social restrictions. Strength of mind defines Scarlett and drives her to achieve everything she desires by a business woman. Later, under threat of starvation and even death, she is determined to survive and does any means necessary. This determination first manifests itself in her narcissistic way in becoming successful so by picking cotton, running her entire plantation, forging a successful business, and even killing a man in order to protect her land...

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