Dear  friends....its  my personal  opinion regarding  the subject.Many may have different views of the prime ministers  and if in any case ,if I am hurting any one, I would like to say sorry here...I am writing what I felt about them in different context...I will mention some of them or may include most of them..

   Late Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru  I  found him too soft as a Prime -Minister.....Kashmir was  the first issue to be solved by  him....I dont want to be soft like him.Charm is the only criteria to  be a prime -minister...? We are still wasting so much money on defence  in vally of kashmir ....Late Mr.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel would have been better choice as Prime minister.. I dont blame any body but we definitely lose a person like Sardar Patel.If he would be Prime- minister..our history would have been different.

   Late Mrs gandhi was surely a lady with good stuff...even Atal bihari Vajpayee appreciated her...but bringing two sons  and Operation blue  and emergency  was her biggest mistakes  in my opinion. many may differ but I am given power to express myself freely.

  Late Rajiv gandhi, again a soft personality but  he had to repay by mistakes  of his own mother.His statement like 'Only fifteen paisa reaches to people who in need ' shows real person in him.

  Late Mr.Lalbahudar shastri..I  regard him as one of the best Prime -Ministers we had..Really a tough man.I salute him.."jai jawan ,jai kissan ," still echoes in my heart..His untimely death ...and the way he died..is  bad luck for our country..We really lost a person with mettle.

  Late Mr.Morarji Desai..llike Mr . Lalbahadur shatri ,i considered him with respect ,we needed  him for many years. He was tough and true person made for the post of Prime -Minister of India..

Mr.Atal bihari bajpayee has place in every body 's heart still to day...Many may blame him, but his try to extend hand to Pakistan..can be still  appreciated...He always acted in fair manner..a poet, and a...

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