PR does and don't summary

PR does and don't summary

Startup PR Dos and Dont's For 2016
1-Make sure to get your timings right!
-Every business should have a clear deliverable goal, and a clear idea of when it will be achieved.
-Delaying might result in competitors jumping at the opportunity.
-The same goes for a startup in fact failure to stick to a public deadline will be received even worse because a startup doesn’t have a track record of success to fall back on.
-It might be clear to you the reasons why you need to delay so you can release a better, but your audience will not see it like that.
- No excuses
-After all you get to set the deadline so make it achievable
-You set the expectations make them realistic!
(pic) : Gary MacDonough and the team at Double dating app, they wore outrageous suits for an appearance on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, raised a lot of money to fund expansion and created a lasting brand image ,the only cost was the suits.
2-Don’t let yourself get carried away!
-Once again, it’s you setting the expectations, your audience are passive at this point
- don’t give yourself an opportunity to fail. You are most likely to get carried away if you feel things aren’t going well – making an outrageous claim or promise is only going to make things infinitely worse.
-Don’t let yourself be talked into making claims you cannot substantiate.
(Don’t try to impress by using false claims)

3-Don’t say it’s Uber for this, or Tinder for that!
-This is an old cliché
-Startups are about originality of thought, problem solving, and challenging the status quo.
- don’t go comparing yourself to highly reputable brands when you haven’t earned it yet.

4-Avoid using meaningless hyperbole!
Or in other words “don’t believe your own hype”
Don’t make it sound like you’re changing the whole industry with your product or service. Don’t exaggearate.

5-Always make yourself available!
-It’s hard work but it has to be done .you might speak to 99 people at a pitching event chances are no. 100 was...

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