Pr Practice

Pr Practice

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How you did the research?

Observation & Interviews

Observation can truly refer to customers’ behavior. ‘It directly records what people do, as distinct from what they say they do’.

Interview can help me understand deeper into the customer behavior. It can show the reason behind the behavior.

What you found out (the data)?

Observation Content

← How many products did he/she experience?

2, ipod touch and accessories

2, iphone and mac book pro

← Are they in the same catalogue? If not, how many?



← How much time did he/she spend on those products?

Totally about 15 minutes in ipod touch. About 5 minutes in accessories.

About 15 minutes in mac book pro (included his payment waiting time).

← Did he/she focus on the same specific part of the products?

No, he cared about the functions, the appearance and the touch screen.

No, he looked almost all parts of the product.

← Did he/she go back to experience the product he/she had experienced before? If yes, how many? Which one?

Yes, 3 times in ipod touch.

No, he focused on the same product.

← Did he/she buy some products finally? If yes, which one?

Yes, ipod touch.

Yes, he bought one iphone 3Gs before but did not buy the mac book finally.

← How much time did he/she spend on the store totally?

About 20 minutes

About 30 minutes

Interview Content

← Did he/she purpose to buy some products in this store before?


← Did he/she know some information about that product? What information? How many percentages did he/she know about it?

Yes, the functions, appearance and price.

← What did he/she suppose to learn from the experience retail store? Did he/she expect to experience something behind the product? (Such as the safety, environmental impact)

What was the product...

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