Practical and Emotional Intellegence

Practical and Emotional Intellegence

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Practical and Emotional Intelligence



The overall success in living measures practical intelligence, while emotional intelligence is skills which underline regulation of emotions, expression, evaluation and accurate assessment according to (Feldman, 2013, p. 385). The difference between the two is emotional intelligence is dealing with understanding other’s emotions while practical intelligence is learned by observation of their behaviors. Being good with both may help one accomplish much success.

Considering these traits in the workforce, imagine a cashier clerk standing at the register with a complaining customer talking about a toothbrush, calling you every name in the book to get an explanation. Both of these intelligences play a huge part in calming this lady down in a mature way. Acting like the customer in this situation would ensure you to get fired, after asking what was wrong with the toothbrush the lady continued to shout and call names, she called for the manager. By evaluating this woman’s words, body language, facial expressions which are traits of emotional intelligence helped the clerk understand that they were not going to be able to calm this lady down fast enough to eliminate a huge event in the store. On the other hand with practical intelligence in this situation through observation alone you can see that the person’s behavior is not going to change and that it is necessary to get a manager having both of these skill up and effective would allow you to quickly defuse this situation and having the customer looking for a new toothbrush.

Bugs Bunny was one character that I think used both intelligences well. I liked the way he studied the behaviors of everyone he came across, which allowed him to get out of trouble. His foe good old Elmer is often left crying with most of his stories, knowing they will make him sad. Bugs played the role well dressing up in many...

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