Practical Book Review - Petersen

Practical Book Review - Petersen

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RunningHead: PETERSEN

Laura Romano
Liberty University
June 20, 2010

Communication is an extremely important part of the human experience and any effort to improve one's skills is valuable. Most people think that they listen well, but do not. People often walk away from a conversation feeling unheard, misunderstood, and disconnected. Petersen uses real world examples and experiences to teach the reader how to handle difficult situations and people. According to Petersen, improvement in listening skills will result in an overall improvement in relationships.
The concept of how communication evolves is represented by three centers of our body: our brain, our heart, and our stomach. Each represents a part of the communication process where our words are visible and discerned by the listener. The brain in the thought area of our speech. It is where we formulate what words we are going to use and how we are going to use them. The stomach is our emotional area. What emotions are we trying to communicate? The heart is where it is all put together and we speak. A balanced communicator can take thoughts and emotions and meld them into helpful productive communication. A disproportionate blend of either too much brain or too much stomach creates a flat-brained syndrome where it is all emotion and no thought, or the flat-brain tango, all thought and no emotion.
The Talker-Listener Process is the key to creating an environment where two or more people can talk and listen to each other while promoting a healthy communication atmosphere. The Talker Listener Card, (TLC), can help those who want to improve their ability to interact with others and communicate better, especially the listening aspect.
The design of the TLC is crafted to be a helpful reminder of the roles of the Talker and the Listener. The TLC can be folded into a tent shaped stand with the sides of the tent facing two people who are trying to communicate. It helps with clear...

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