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Living in the Environment : Concepts, Connections and Solutions

Miller and Spoolman
16th Edition

Practice Questions: Chapters 1-25
2009 - 2010
Practice Questions – Chapter 1
Environmental Problems, Their Causes, and Sustainability

1. Describe what is meant by the phrase “an environmentally sustainable society” as related to the human population.
2. Distinguish between (a) natural capital (b) natural resources (c) natural services (d) solar capital (e) natural capital degradation.
3. What is the difference between economic growth and economic development? Describe two basic ways that economic growth can be accomplished.
4. Distinguish between developed countries and developing countries. Give three key characteristics of each one.
5. Define and give three examples of environmental degradation.
6. What is an “ecological footprint”? Using specific countries as examples, explain the difference between the footprint of a developing and developed country.
7. What is “culture”? Describe three major cultural changes that have occurred since humans arrived on earth. Why has each change led to more environmental degradation? What is the environmental or sustainability revolution?
8. Identify five basic causes of the environmental problems we face today.
9. What is “poverty”? In what way do (a) poverty or (b) affluence affect the environment. Explain the problems w efface by not including the harmful environmental costs in the prices of goods and services.
10. Distinguish between planetary management, stewardship, and an environmental world view.

Vocabulary Words

Exponential growth
Environmental Science
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Per capita GDP
Per capita GDP PPP
Renewable resource
Non-renewable resource
Sustainable yield
Point sources
Non- point sources

Practice Questions – Chapter 2
Science, Matter, Energy, and...

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