Practicum Proposal

Practicum Proposal

I have decided to take on this course among many other choices which were available to me because I enjoy working with other students. It seems like a good opportunity to interact with the community while helping them with their studies. I was once a high school student and therefore I know what it was like to worry about doing well in high school and what to do afterwards.

I plan to be able to help these students with any problems that they may be facing while in school. Many students have problems with understanding what exactly they want to do in the future, which is why many college students change their majors. While helping them with their studies and understanding the material, I hope to help the community by impacting their lives and have to them think more about their futures.

A possible project that I was thinking about was to get to know each independent student a little better by interviewing them. To understand them each would be asked what they intend to do in the future and if they do not know what they wish to do then to talk about things that they enjoy doing.

The goal is to have them thinking about what they should do in the future or otherwise help them explore what they may actually be interested in in order to have an idea of what they may want to pursue. Hopefully I hope to impact their lives by having them think of the future and work harder as to achieve those goals. Even if they may not be sure of what they want to do, this will have them start thinking and have them understand that even if they may not be sure of what they intend to do they must still work hard in order to insure their success for whatever it may be.

This would impact the younger community of high school students. This will cause them to possibly go home and think about these things, perhaps even talk to others about it. It will be better for them to think about what they should do in the future because they may not realize how fast the future...

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