Practise Test+Key

Practise Test+Key

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A. VOCABULARY. Choose the best option - A, B, C or D - to complete each sentence.
(10 points)

1. After getting ___ the bus, I realized I should have stayed on until the next stop.

a) in b) out c) of d) off

2. I like climbing and skiing, so I have to be ___.

a) well b) sporty c) fit d) form

3. Some people are very afraid ___ spiders.

a) for b) of c) from d) --

4. I only have five dollars to ___ to the end of the month.

a) last b) endure c) reach d) live

5. The chef at that restaurant is a specialist in French ___.

a) kitchen b) plates c) cooking d) cookers

6. The bank is ____ the corner, opposite the pharmacy.

a) on b) in c) next d) by

7. My husband always ___ asleep in the armchair after lunch.

a) goes b) falls c) gets d) has

8. The little girl ___ the glass on the floor and it broke.

a) spilled b) dropped c) fell d) poured

9. Could you lend me a pound? I'll _________it back tomorrow.

a) get b) take c) pay d) keep

10. He spends too many hours __________ the office, sometimes 10 hours a day!

a) by b) on c) for d) at

B. TEXT. Read the following text and choose the best answer for each item. (5 points)

| (11)Two of the most dangerous storms in America are hurricanes and tornadoes. All of those who live in the area where they can occur |
|fear them. |
|Hurricanes, which usually develop between July and October, originate over the waters of the Caribbean Sea. They move upwards to the continental |
|U.S., somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. When they reach the land, they are incredibly powerful and...

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