Prayer in Public School

Prayer in Public School

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Prayer in Public School

Diana Ornelas

Eng Composition II

Elizabeth Hoyle

Prayer in Public Schools

There are many views on how religion should be handled at a public school. Many people are on both sides of this issue, those who think that it is okay for it to be taught or practiced and those that believe prayer should not be allowed at all. Cases have been brought to the attention of the court; in those filings most were about how religion should be taken out of schools.

Controversial Subject

Even though prayer in public schools is considered a very controversial subject; some schools are not changing the way it is dealt with. Public schools allow voluntary prayer in school even though at times it can cause turmoil, because each person has a different religious preference than others. Our country does not have a state religion so it makes it impossible for the schools to try to teach a common religion. There have been many cases where a student has had to leave school because of his or her religious preference. Due to the fact that other members of the student body have been physically or verbally abusive. Take the example of Ishmael Jaffree; this man has six children all enrolled in public school. He filed a lawsuit because the school where his children were going to had been exposing them to the bible and prayer. During the time of the lawsuit his children were being punished by fellow students for being different. This shows how dangerous having religious practices can be. Prayer or any religious activity should only be allowed in a school only if it is privately funded. Some schools forget that the reason prayer is not allowed in a classroom is because it violates the separation of church and state defined by the first amendment.

What If
What were too happened if prayer was allowed in the classroom?
Well first off our constitutional rights separating church and state would be violated...

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