Prayer in Public Schools

Prayer in Public Schools

Running head: Prayer in Public Schools

Unit 4 Project: Prayer in Public Schools
Tomi Haney
Kaplan University

Step 1: Present Your Thesis Statement

There are many different issues that are constantly discussed. One issue that is often brought to light is prayer in public schools. It is something that needs to be allowed. Our pledge of allegiance says one nation under god, and with liberty and justice for all. The ability to express them selves is something every child needs, even if beliefs are different. There should not be a ban on public prayer in schools. Everyone should be able to choose to publicly pray or choose not to pay without pre-justice. Praying in schools and recognizing the person that is the only reason we are hear today just once a day instead of when times are bad, is an ideal way to start out our school day. This does not mean all children or parents have to agree with this procedure, being that some students does not agree on other procedures done in the schools on other subjects. Public schools can save many souls by encouraging public prayers and getting god back in our country.
Step 2: Describe 3 Specific Claims or Main Points

The first claim I plan to pursue is that prayer in schools is better that ignoring prayer in public schools. I will develop this idea by showing that there are too many problems in schools because we have taken god out of text and that even if it is a fix for the future, people may start seeing change in children and less violence in schools. . I will still need to find some more facts that will prove that prayer in schools are important even though people have different believes.
The second claim deals with why public prayer is the most logical action. First, it protects us from going some place that we do not want to go. Second prayer always results in a way that things are supposed to be in gods way instead of our way. Third that it is another opportunity to bring people...

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