Prayer Reflection

Prayer Reflection

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Prayer is said to be the most powerful form of building a relationship with God and communicating with Him on a daily bases. Prayer is an expression to God of our hopes and faith that we have in Him. In the Bible, God demonstrates how prayer should be done by giving us to the Lord’s Prayer, and First Thessalonians 5:17 tell us that we should “pray without ceasing”. Those of us who are devoted Christians who pray faithfully and honestly know the power of prayer; we know that prayer works because we have become witnesses of its power. God placed prayer amongst us to not only help ourselves but to also affect the lives of others through its power and blessings as Second Corinthians 1:11 tells us.

I chose seven leaders in that I know personally to include in my daily personal prayer list; I diligently prayed for these people every day for the past month. I recorded my prayer reflection for each of those days in my personal prayer journal. Throughout this month, I have witnessed the power of prayer over and over again. Being a leader is a responsibility that can weigh heavy on one’s mind and affect one’s personal life. Two of the seven leaders I chose to pray for this month were the principal of my school and the school district’s director of special education. They were going through a hard time with people accepting their secret relationship and marriage. Teachers and other faculty in the school and throughout the other schools within the county were feeling betrayed and deceived by someone who they all look as like family. I prayed daily that the situation the principal was facing with just about every faculty member in the school would go from this misunderstanding to a rebuilt healthy relationship amongst brotheren. Not only did I diligently pray for the principal, God lead me to offer him advice regarding the rebuilding of the trust and relationship with the faculty members. Within a week, the matter was forgiven and the faculty...

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