• A brief introduction paragraph that builds the foundation for your reflection.

First let’s examine what prayer is. According to the dictionary, it is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks expressed to God or an object of worship. Usually when there is something bad happening in our life, this is when we pray. A family member suddenly becomes ill, the request for prayers are heard. In order to have effective prayer, we should not wait till something bad happens, rather we should be praying daily, John 15:7 says God responds to our prayers when we are abiding in Christ and the Word of God. I remember something my grandmother used to tell me all the time when I was troubled. She would say “turn it over to God, if you are worrying, then you are not praying, and if you are praying, then there is no need to worry.” The act of praying builds your personal relationship with God according to Towns. Part of becoming a Christian involves developing yourself to be more Christ like. It is so easy with our busy lifestyles to forget to pray during the good times. To become an obedient Christian, I must practice praying on a daily basis, not just when things are bad, but also to express thanks.

It is believed that the prayers have the strength to change things. In today's world, every person needs to pray so that the lives of the mankind can improve and they should also pray for the glory of God. The sinners need to become more like saints and those who are the saints need to become more pious. The best gift that a person can give to the other it to pray for them. Prayer is the only thing that can make a person touch the heart of God who has the ability to change the life of people irrespective of their circumstances. The prayer itself is not the power; rather the response of God to the prayer is the power.

The leaders of our time lack the appropriate leadership skills that can make them a great leader. So instead of just thinking about their weak points,...

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