1. As children of God we need to pray because we are weak and needy of God's love. Also, as christians it is our duty to pray.

2. We are obliged to pray always because we belive in God, hope in him and love him. The Lord being a prayerful person asks us to pray continually. Lastly, the constant desire of love makes us pray daily.

3. God is vitally concerned that men should pray. Men are bettered by prayer, and the world is bettered by praying. God does His best work for the world through prayer. God's greatest glory and man's highest good are secured by prayer. Prayer forms the godliest men and makes the godliest world.

4. God communicates with us through our prayers. We are constantly talking to him if we pray daily. God wants us to share ourselves to Him. If today we hear his voice we shouldnt ignore it and pray to him. We should do it today because it is the only thing in our hands. This prayer at this moment is not from yesterday or for tomorrow. God wants to be close to us by praying daily.

5. What is meant by praying daily?
Praying daily gives us the opportunity to connect and to share all aspects of our lives with God. It also allows us to express our gratitude for the blessings He provides. Praying also provides platform for our confessions, needs, and for who are in need of prayers. Life is dynamic and changes on daily basis so we pray today and thus our prayers are not yesterday and tomorrow, but today.

6. How do we learn how to pray?
We learn how to pray by praying always and by keeping at it. We should always pray so that we can internalize it in our mind, body and soul. We should live by our prayers and put them into actions not just merely words.

7. We must be recollected when we pray. By presenting ourselves with humility, progress in prayer would be possible. We are all sinners therefore we must be humble before the Lord. We should give our total trust to God and offer our prayers with pure mind and heart, with pure...

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