Pre-Lab - Lab Unit 05 - Acid-Fast & Endospore Stain

Pre-Lab - Lab Unit 05 - Acid-Fast & Endospore Stain

Assignment Submission: Pre-lab - Lab Unit 05 - Acid-Fast & Endospore Stain, and FTM Danay Perez(dperez7) View PeopleLink Options for this User
Students are required to submit a prelab through the uLearn assignment tool prior to this lab. Prelabs are generally due on the Monday before the first class period of a given lab unit (please refer to the schedule). The prelab for Lab Unit 03 must include an introduction and a procedures (materials and methods) section.

The introduction to Lab Unit 05 must be written in essay form, and contain background information on the acid-fast stain, endospore stain, and fluid thioglycollate media. The following are specific topics to include:

* Acid Fast Stains: Need for this stain to determine presence of Mycolic Acids, and the effect of Mycolic Acids on the Gram stain
* Endospores: What are endospores, and what is the implication of a bacterium having an endospore.
* FTM: Why is it important to know the oxygen utilization requirements of an organism, and how does the Fluid Thioglycollate medium demonstrate oxygen utilization.

You will need to refer to external sources for this information. This introduction must be between 500 and 1000 words, properly referenced (use the reference scheme found in the journals published by the American Society for Microbiology), and must conform to the guidelines for submitting assignments in uLearn (the submission must be presented both in the submission window and attached as a .rtf document.

The procedures section is to be written in your own words, and may be a combination of essay format and outlines. Visual outlines, by concept maps or cartoons are also acceptable. Students are encouraged to consider the length of time needed to perform a procedure. Please note that the copying of material directly from the lab textbook, even with minor alterations, is considered plagiarism, and will result in a grade of zero (0) for the procedures section. The goal...

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