Pre Teen Vocational Training Important

Pre Teen Vocational Training Important


Hi, Myself Tarun Malhotra here would like to share my viewpoints for the motion; on the topic “Vocational Education and Training courses should be introduced in all the schools”

Well, talking about Vocational education courses, they r those which prepare the individual for jobs demanding physicalities. They are independent of academics and to add to that they are traditionally occupation driven.

So why is there a feeling to introduce vocational courses in schools?

Schools as everyone calls them are the temples of learning. A child from the day he starts is taught to read write and do all the basic things needed to make him stand up on his own in the times to come.

Vocational training in a particular field would certainly add in carving out a niche persona out of the individual.

I would give a few points to substantiate my view why in fact vocational training would be a great source of learning if introduced in schools.

1) ONE, It is a point to note why in India we see every school implying a uniform for their students. Can one figure out the social status of the student studying. Not at all. A few years back, being trade specific…Vocational training was considered a social stigma too. But not before long was discovered the fact that actually practical knowledge of a job was as important as theoretical.

Vocational Education leads the knowhow of a job being done. It is not about how one carves out the wood, or how one learns tailoring or sewing/knitting…it is all about how much attention one gives to the work assigned. The accuracy the precision and the attention the practical work require is what counts as important. This leads to a surge in confidence levels and self esteem.

2) SECONDLY, let us not forget that every individual does not have an aptitude to become a doctor an engineer or an MBA. A Vocational course of his or her own interest can actually let the individual to select a path for progression onto the next phase...

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