Group Note
Topic: PREA
Purpose: 1. To increase the clients awareness about their rights, body and trusting their instincts.
2. Safety against abuse and harassment.

Materials: 1. Power point presentation
2. Projector
3. Life size body/figure
4. Red X’s
5. labels/names of body parts

Procedure: Clinicians introduced themselves to the group and explained the rules of behavior and participation for the group counseling session. Clinician explained the group topic and stressed the importance of their attention for this topic. Clinicians asked the group members if they knew what abuse and harassment are and most of the clients new what it was. Clients were educated on the difference between abuse and harassment. Clients were told that the life size body and the red X’s were so that they could volunteer to place the X’s on what the client considered a “private part”. Clients were given various names for body parts that may be considered “private”. Clients were guided through each slide of the power point explaining the types of abuse and harassment and helpful phone numbers. Clients were educated on the importance of reaching out to a trusted adult and trusting their instincts. Clients got to see skits/role plays depicting the different types of abuse/harassment, sexual, physical, psychological and verbal. Clients were asked to process the skits to see if this type of education was helpful and the multiple clients agreed it was.

Clinicians asked clients to process how they felt about the topic and the information provided. Clients agreed that the training is useful and that they understand the importance of the group and telling someone if they are violated or harassed. Clients appeared to be interested in the topic. Clinicians made sure to stress the support offered by the clinicians.

Response: All clients were involved and appeared...