why everyone who is different has to be bad ?

Imagine that you are walking down the street through the crowd of people . It is said that every person is different , so why behave everyone equally ? Everyone is trying to to fit into the group of those bland, normal that good ones. When you are walking you can see a lot of people but no one who would force you to think of him more as he has a nice shirt or shoes. But then someone goes arounds you , someone who takes your attention . Why ? Because this person is somewhat different . And at this moment in your head appear a number of questions , ideas about this person . Just a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience . And it doesn't really matter if you know that person or not . This are PREJUDICES .

In our heads we have intended prototype of a perfect human . And when is something different from this ''perfect'' prototype , people are afraid of it . I'm not trying to tell you that is bad , it's normal . It is so called fear of the unknown .

I'm not talking just about appearance . Of course the think as a big nose , protruding ears and all these birth defects , we actually do not have the opportunity to choose . But are they really defects ? Who ever said what is that nice , pretty … right ? . Where is written how should the pretty , handsome human look like ?
But if it is our decision to stand out from the crowd , than we know that people can have problems with us just because of our appearance , it is ok , because it was our choice . But can you choose if you are man or woman ? What is colour of your skin ? If you were born rich or poor ? If you love man or woman ? Or what is your age ? NO .. those thinks have been given to you as cards before game . You can't change your cards , that's a rule ....

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