´╗┐One of the constraints that the Singapore Youth face is the lack of exposure and appreciation to the rich cultures that make up Singapore's multi-ethnic society. It is a common-based knowledge that Singapore is made up of four different ethnic groups - Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians. However, how much background information and details we know about these races is another story altogether.

It's is very important for the students to be well aware of the origins of our forefathers. The cultures brought to Singapore by these different people are far more ancient. It is more than meets the eye. We want our students to widen their peripheral vision towards the cultures in Singapore. We want to acknowledge who we are and where we come from.

That said, I suggest a trip to the Asian Civilization Museum (ACM). ACM is the first museum in the region to present a broad yet integrated perspective of pan-Asian cultures and civilizations. They seek to promote a better appreciation of the rich cultures that make up Singapore multi-ethnic society. ACM has different galleries to choose from - the Singapore River Gallery, Southeast Asia Gallery, West Asia Gallery, China Gallery. They also have a Peranakan Museum, which will be significant and interesting because the Peranakan culture is not very popular in Singapore.

The target audience is children between the age of 13 to 14. I believe it is the most appropriate age for the children to start learning about the different cultures in Singapore.

Instead of having an expedition around the museum, there will be a Treasure Hunt instead. Basically, there will be different stations set up in each gallery and they students will be required to solve some puzzles and mysteries to get to their next clue. This is an implementation of the "Teach Less Learn More" campaign that has been going on for years.

My class will be divided into groups of 4 and each group will be game masters for that particular station. Each...

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