Presentation of Data

Presentation of Data

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I. Presentation of data

What are the techniques that can be use?
When plating food attractively, it's important to remember the actual plate is critical to the final presentation. Choose plates carefully, and remember, the plate is the frame of the presentation. Today, there are many sizes, shapes, colors and patterns available. If the plate is too gaudy, it will take away from the food. Choosing the correct size of plate is also important. While food should not be crowded onto the plate, it should convey that the portion is adequate and not stingy. Most chefs now use solid white plates to better showcase the food. Some texture may be embossed on the plate to add visual interest. Also, specialty plates may be used for very specific dishes.

Why is it important to learn different methods of plating?
It is important to know about different methods so that the plating will be creative without being to fussy. In proper plating, food shouldn't look like it was just plunked on the plate without a care, but the food should be carefully placed there. Plating is especially important in expensive restaurants as patrons expect the proper care and attention that goes with premium food.
By learning those methods how will it benefit us?
By learning those methods it can benefit us in many ways. Presenting the food in an attractive way makes the customer’s eyes hungry. Food presentation should be appealing so that customers will be satisfied not only to the taste but also to the way the food is presented.

II. Interpretation of data:

If the old adage "you eat with your eyes" is true, then the manner in which we present food is of paramount importance. There are many factors and techniques to consider in food plating that affect the overall customer experience. Using any one of them alone can enhance the food. But using them all can set you apart from the competition. In food plating art is very important. You need to balance the element of the...

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