presentation scrip

presentation scrip

1.In 1994, Rust and Oliver stated in the Journal of Advertising, “Advertising is on its deathbed, having contracted a fatal disease of new technology”. However, after almost 19 years, advertising survived the new media onslaught unscathed. So in my opinion, new media is actually a new opportunity for advertising instead of being a threat.

2.First of all, what is advertising? Advertising is any form of known communication that uses media or any other platforms that can encourage or persuade the audience to achieve the marketer’s goal in the most cost efficient manner.

3.The first stage of advertising is print. Daniel Starch, an American marketing researcher suggested,"The simplest definition of advertising is that advertising is selling in print." The reference to “print”, of course, reflected to the media of the time. Examples of print media are newspapers, magazines, posters, etc.

4.Then the emergence of broadcast in the form of radio and television pushes the advertising into the second stage. They enable advertisers to more effectively reach their target audience in new and innovative ways. It became a tremendous homogenizing cultural force, as majority of consumers would be reached efficiently.

5.Rust and Oliver stated that technology, again, is the key factor of driving down the signs of advertising. As the mass media could no longer deliver a mass audience.

6.However, I think technology has a positive impact on advertising instead of a negative one. In the past, advertisements could only be promoted through media like TV, radio, newspaper and magazines. The amounts of audience the traditional advertising could reach were limited. Now, technology opened a new venue for advertising, that is Internet, which is able to reach wider range of audience.

7. Internet is a linked system of international computer networks. It changes the way we receive our news and information. There are just many options out there for consumers to find what they...

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