Preservation vs. Conservation

Preservation vs. Conservation

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People, Science and the Environment, SCI/256

Antionette Waits
University of Phoenix

The most important of the inherent values of natural ecosystems is that they contain the interacting network of groups of organisms together with the nonliving or physical environment. The presence of a species and the things that it can do have a powerful bearing on shaping the environment. Organisms help to make the world and then it makes them. Humans are among the most complex of the achievements of the natural forces found uniquely in these natural ecosystems.
Preservation vs. Conservation

The earth is composed of many different ecosystems and each one is a “dynamic complex of plant, animal, and micro-organism communities interacting with the non-living environment as a functional unit" (Protecting Threatened Ecosystems, 2004). These ecosystems are an intricate part of the human lifecycle as they provide us with our water, food and energy.
Natural regulation is one of the many steps taken to conserve and preserve ecosystem. Natural regulation is a policy of non-interference by humans in the affairs of non-human populations. The policy of Natural regulation was adopted by U.S. National Parks in the 1970’s. Though Natural regulation is a great policy in theory to abide by it and follow it is practically very difficult. The idea of natural regulation is difficult to put into practice when the concerns of any humans enter into the equation (Omni logy, 2007). The reason being humans who have occupation like farming, mining, exploration or are scientists need to interact with nature and thus, have to get in touch with nature. Humans use land for a variety of purposes, continuity no longer exists between areas of major ecological significance. Preservation is setting aside in current state to protect from negative human influence. Conservation of our natural resources is...

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