Book Report: Pretties

Title: Pretties
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 370

Tally Youngblood – Tally, one of the girl Pretties (people who get the operation to turn into a very beautiful person at the age of 16) and the protagonist of this book, acquired the perfect looks everyone else had in the Pretty World. Her clothes from her “closet” (a hole in her wall that spitted out whatever she wanted) consisted of awesome objects. Tally thought that her popularity ranking precluded her from being cool and would not been able to fit in. She also thought that she acted too pretty-headed and not bubbly (a feeling to disobey the Specials) enough to rebel the Special Circumstances (people who caught the Pretties and Uglies who did illegal things.) Tally worried that she would not fit in with the other Pretties. She also concerned herself with her popularity, and how it would not make her be part of the clique of Crims (a group of people who stayed being bubbly and not pretty-headed, a feeling where you want to party all night.) Tally also worried that the Special Circumstances would catch her for doing all the bad things in the Pretty World. Another concern Tally had included when she worried that she wouldn’t be able to accomplish her goal, from before turning pretty, to get rid of the damage in the Pretties’ brains. Shay thought Tally acted selfish because when Tally found the cure, she shared it with her boyfriend instead of Shay. Other Pretties thought Tally acted bubbly and not pretty-headed like any other Pretties.

Zane - Zane, also one of the boy Pretties in the Pretty World and Tally’s boyfriend, acquired the wonderful looks that the Uglies would consider a celebrity’s face. Zane believed he converted to being bubbly by not eating or sleeping, so he could resent the Specials instead of listening to them and their pretty sayings. Zane worried about not being able to escape the Special...

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