Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman (1990) is a romance/comedy that stars Richard Gere as Edward Lewis, and Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward. She is a prostitute and he is a wealthy businessman whom falls for each other. Edward (Richard Gere) makes a living buying and breaking up companies. While on a business trip Edward picks up a hooker, Vivian (Julia Roberts). Edward hires Vivian to stay for a weekend with him, and they get closer, but have hurdles to overcome as they try to close the distance between their different worlds.

The Director was Garry Marshall. He directs the making of the film. His role controls the movies artistic and dramatic aspects. He had to create an overall vision through which the movie eventually becomes realized. He had to tickle Julia Roberts’s (Vivian’s) feet to get her to laugh so hysterically in the film. (Out of camera range).

The Production Designer is Albert Brenner. He was responsible for the entire Art department. He played a huge role in helping Gary Marshall to achieve the visual requirements of the movie. He created and developed the overall look, emotion, and atmosphere for the movie. He also was involved in visual effects, lighting, set dressing, and props.

David M. Haber is the Art Director. His role was to help Gary Marshall to achieve the film’s visual requirements. He delegated tasks to production, set, electrical and lighting designers, unifying those roles in their effort to bring the director’s aesthetic vision to life. His job was to design the physical environment and create the mood for the script. The director utilizes modalities such as setting and dialogue to portray social differences between Edward and Vivian.

Lightning helps guide our attention to certain objects or actions that the director wants the audiences to note. Lightning was used to the modest, that is, not too bright and not too dull in the scene I chose. The lighting was also used symbolize the happiness and excitement of Vivian and Edward as they went...

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