Pride and Prejudice Fairy

Pride and Prejudice Fairy

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Once upon a time in a small village called Longbourn there lived a poor, yet gracious family; the Bennet family. It consisted out of a father, a fairly tensed mother and their 5 daughters. One of these daughters was Elizabeth Bennet, she was the second prettiest of the 5 and everybody in town knew her for her sincerity and straightforwardness. She and her sisters had to work very hard to earn as much money in order to survive the hard life they led. In the meantime their parents did everything to find a suitable and especially a rich husband for their daughters.

Somewhere on the other side of the country there lived Prince Darcy. He was the most handsome man anyone had ever seen but he was also very arrogant and lonely. He was looking everywhere for a gracious wife but had not yet succeeded. One of the causes for this was his mean and malicious aunt; Queen Catherine De Bourgh. She was the most conceited and arrogant woman the world has ever known and she never approved of anyone that prince Darcy had introduced her to. This was because she did not see anyone as worthy enough to be allowed into her family. Therefore she had never given her permission to propose and she told herself to keep on doing so. However, the prince was very haughty himself and his pride had not allowed him to cherish true feelings for a woman. He felt that no-one was good enough to be with him.
Meanwhile Prince Darcy’s best friend; Lord Bingley noticed how discontented the prince had been and decided to organise a great ball for him. In this way the prince would at least have some amusement and at the same time would maybe even meet a noble wife!

One day, back at the other side of the country when the sun was shining bright, new possibilities were put forward. It appeared that Mr. and Mrs. Bennet hadn’t done their attempts for connections with the rich for nothing! “Girls! Girls! Where are my beautiful girls?” Mrs. Bennet was running around the house, looking everywhere for her...

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